When we talk about shaping the behavior of a child, the greatest tool is positive attention. Attention is something children will always need from their parents, no matter how old they are. Positive attention can be of many kinds, for example, if you smile at your child, it can be a source of warmth and delight to them. Always try to encourage your child with gentle and caring words. Participate in the interests of your child so that they feel secure and happy. Have you ever thought about why positive attention is important? The day they are born, they need people around them who value them and pay attention to them.

My pediatrician can be your child’s friend when it comes to a developmental pediatrician in Collin County Texas. Not only in Collin County Texas but in other parts, which includes a pediatrician in Plano, a pediatrician in Garland, and a pediatrician in Murphy. It is important to focus on paying more attention to the child.

The relationship between parent and child is by far the most important one we have, and if it is welcoming, it can be a powerful tool for giving children the right kind of care. If you regularly give children positive praise for good behavior, you will begin to see better behavior. Children naturally want the approval of their parents, and the first step towards building a stable framework for discipline and a healthy parent-child relationship is to give concentrated attention. Then, consistent praise to good behavior so that they feel confident and grow up without any obstacles.

Let us have a look at the tips of positive attention of different age group:


For a newborn baby, all that matters is the parents’ gesture, voice, and body language. Positive attention is a smile that both of you can exchange. Positive attention is the comfort you give your child when he’s crying. Talk to your child with different sounds, making them happy and interested. Surround them by the colors that will attract them.


Talk to your child for positive attention at this age. Talk to them about things in your area, such as a bird or a pet in your house. Get their attention to something new and unique that they might be watching and talking about. If you think that your child needs an institution for growth and positive attention, you can get in touch with a pediatrician in Sachse.


The world expands when children go to school but the biggest influence for a child is still the parents and how much of the positive attention is given from your end. Try to talk to them about school and always listen to what they have to say about school. Keep the conversation alive with all your questions. This will show you how interested you are in their lives, and you want to know all they’ve been doing. This will increase their confidence in you as well as in themselves.

Give each child 10 to 15 minutes of your everyday undivided attention. That might not sound like much to some parents. For some, especially parents with multiple children, offering a child one-on-one time can be a bit of a challenge. Set aside time to do an activity together. Play a video game, play creative games, or play with your child’s toys. Go for a stroll or just spend some time talking to the elderly. Allow your child to pick up an activity where possible. Don’t use gadgets, playing video games, because the purpose of your time together is to do something that will allow you to communicate with each other.

Take positive attention as an investment both for your child and for yourself. Because when you spend quality time together, your child will be looking forward to doing that every day, and this will create positive energy for the whole family. Pediatricians in Wylie can be a source of motivation as we take full responsibility to give positivity to your child even when they’re not around their parents.