For a newborn baby breast milk is the only source of health and development. Breastfeeding for the first six months is highly recommended to mothers as the immunity of the child increases. It also protects them from illnesses. The year 2020 has seen the world infected with coronavirus and it has made mothers concerned about breast-feeding. If a mother is suffering from the virus then it is more likely that the infant will also get it. Some research shows that the virus is not present in breastfeeding, but there are three important things you should do while feeding your baby:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Wipe and disinfect the area regularly

To protect the baby and strengthen the baby’s immune cells, mothers who get coronavirus before giving birth and start breastfeeding and those who become infected during breastfeeding will develop immune factors (antibodies) in their milk. This suggests that the best way to fight the virus and protect your baby is to continue breastfeeding. When a mother is sick with signs of fever, cough, or breathing problems, she should seek medical attention early and follow a health care doctor.

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The best way to provide the perfect food for the healthy growth and development of babies is breastfeeding. There are occasions, however, where a mother does not breastfeed or where she has chosen not to breastfeed. Also, the pervasive promotion of formula milk undermines many mothers’ trust and encourages them to use bottles and formula milk to feed their infants.

It is particularly important in the situations that babies are fed according to the package instructions and that special care is taken to thoroughly wash bottles, teats, and any other equipment used. According to WHO (World Health Organization), a woman should take care of the baby if there are any symptoms, she thinks she might be going through. Wearing a mask won’t only protect the baby from breathing any harmful germs but would also keep the child safe from catching diseases. Follow these guidelines to ensure the child’s safety at all time:

1- Consult your doctor

The first guideline is to ensure that you are going for regular check-ups and your doctor is aware of your Covid symptoms (if any) while feeding the child. If there is anything you feel might affect the health of the baby, discuss with your doctor whether to continue feeding the baby breast milk or choose formula milk. Due to Covid –19, many doctors have started providing SOP’s for pregnant women, do go through the guidelines even during pregnancy to ensure that after birth you are in perfect condition to feed your baby.

2- Know the ingredients of Formula milk

If your doctor suggests you choose formula milk instead of feeding your breast milk, do go through the ingredients of the formula milk and buy the best quality available. No doubt, formula milk can’t be as good as breast milk but in times like these where the pandemic might affect your baby’s health, you need to purchase the best formula milk available. Try doing some research online if you don’t know the best formula milk available in your region.

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3- Read helpful articles and blogs during pregnancy

Today’s era is extremely fast. You have to be vigilant in terms of having the best knowledge. Try to read helpful articles regarding breastfeeding techniques. It’s not just important to feed the baby while breastfeeding but you should be aware of the position the baby must be in while feeding milk. Go through articles on how to prevent yourself from catching any diseases while you are pregnant. Many articles suggest that there are lesser chances that a baby might catch a disease due to breastfeeding. Nonetheless, you still must be careful.

4- Take care of breasts while feeding

Apart from following all the guidelines that you might find through various sources; you also need to ensure proper breast cleaning. Wear a supportive bra and change the bra pads regularly to ensure cleanliness. Go for monthly self-examination to check if you are feeding the baby correctly. Take care of the baby’s posture while feeding and clean the area regularly with your milk. Avoid using creams that the doctor hasn’t recommended. Also, keep breast nipples clean and bathe regularly. Buy nursing bras during the period of feeding babies.

Apart from these tips go to websites that provide authentic stats regarding the pandemic and take proper care of your baby’s hygiene. Don’t feed the baby in an environment that’s not clean. Always wash your baby’s mouth before breastfeeding and keep a sanitizer with you to clean your hands.

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from a closed one if you feel you are not well to ensure your family’s safety. Stay safe!